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— Wedding Floral —

Wedding Floral Designs: Make your special day even more special with the perfect wedding flowers. From the groom’s boutonniere to the ceremony’s aisle, add the needed touch of elegance and beauty with fleur. Let us take your colors, your theme and all of your different wedding elements and tie it all together with flowers. We will help transform the biggest day of your life into the perfect day.


  • Grass Of Parnassus Canterbury Bells
  • Bells Of Ireland Goosefoot Scots
  • Primrose Ox-eye Daisy
  • Golden Bloom Orchid


  • Globeflower Spotted Rock-rose
  • September Flower Chincerinchee
  • Floss Flower Gorse Marigold
  • Round-leaved Sundew

Venue Decor

  • Bilberry Baby’s Breath
  • Globe Amarath Lily
  • Bottlebrush Gay
  • Feather Sea Holly

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