Ordering Instructions

  1. Click the Schedule Pickup button to make certain we're available. Flowers must be ordered and paid for at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding.
  2. Order your flowers. Don't forget parents, grandparents and people whom you're very close to.
  3. Check out and pay for your flowers.
  4. Click the Schedule Pickup button to schedule a time to pick up your flowers.

That's all there is! You'll have beautiful, professionally designed flowers for your wedding.

Modest Options

We understand every wedding is different and every wedding has a budget. For some couples, food is more important than a wedding dress or a suit. For other couples, a DJ or wedding favors are the most important wedding pieces. For those who want nice flowers, but want to emphasize other wedding pieces, we've created the Modest Option. With the Modest Option you'll still get beautiful flowers, but you can allocate your budget to other wedding pieces that are important to you.