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Our Process

We take pride in creating a space where guests are wowed, pictures are gorgeous and everyone remember the wedding as a high-point in their lives. How do we do it this? We follow a simple four-step process:

Step 1: - Consultation and Planning - In this step we meet with you to find out about you, your vision and what's important to you on your wedding day. We consider the venue and how flowers will enhance the existing ambience.

Step 2 - Choosing the Flowers - Many people who don't spend their lives immersed in flowers don't think about floral seasons. Even though we can source most flowers year-round, there are many flowers which are only available in specific seasons. Even some which are normally available in limited season can sometimes be found if you know who to call and where to look. At this point, we give you a quote with an estimate of the total floral cost. You're then free to adjust the flowers to fit your vision and budget.

Step 3 - Creating the Arrangements - This is where we truly shine. The scent of fresh flowers fills our workshop as we take your vision and create your masterpieces. Everything is scheduled to insure enough time so we're ready for your wedding, but also with great consideration of the life of the flowers.

Step 4 - Delivery and Setup - The day, or possibly the night before your wedding, we arrive and begin the setup. It's truly amazing to watch this process as your venue is transformed through floral magic.

Once you work with us, we think you'll agree that choosing Fleur and Stems for your wedding was the second-best decision you made. The first, of course, was finding your forever friend.

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